Ceramic Tile

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Ceramic Tile

Summer discounts for bulk orders!







Ceramic Tile

Summer discounts for bulk orders!










, clean and seal the following



Polished Concrete flooring

While there are a number of different


options on the market, we believe whole heartedly in the power of

concrete flooring

that is durable and looks great.

Marble flooring

There is something special about


that we can’t escape. A beautiful stone which we


to perfection with diamond tools

Epoxy & Polyurethane flooring


durable high-gloss floors

show room floors

which have larger products like cars and boats on display.

Floor preparation

Don’t have a big old grader? Save time and effort by using us to do the prep work for your

building’s flooring

, for a pristine level finish!

Terrazzo flooring


authentic decorative flooring

which is beautiful and offers high levels of durability thanks to its chemical protection, making it a dream to clean.

Concrete Slab Installation

Get it right the first time! At

Evolutionary Flooring

, we are experts at keeping our

flooring work

100% level, making us the perfect solution for

slab installation



We offer a hands-on approach, providing you with quality workmanship and superior service.

Many years of experience enables us to satisfy your

floor polishing

requirements to the highest standard. All our staff are highly trained and very efficient in every aspect of the job. Our offices are based in Durban and we offer industrial, commercial, retail, and

residential services

both locally in the Durban area, as well as nationally

for larger contracts.


What is Polished Concrete?

Not only do

Polished Concrete floors

look beautiful, they possess the added benefit of being highly durable while remaining easy to clean. The


itself is highly resistant to the damage often caused by high levels of foot traffic, as well as being resistant to the dirt and grime caused by said traffic. Their finishes are also highly versatile and make great assets in both private residences, industrial and retail environments. We recommend

Polished Concrete flooring

to all our clients seeking a modern, decorative and hassle-free

solution for their flooring.

Why is Polyurethane Flooring Awesome?

When it comes to resins there are a few choices you’ll be offered from

Evolutionary flooring

, but the honest answer is that certain surfaces are better suited for certain environments.

Polyurethane flooring

is an example of


which is slightly elastic, making it malleable enough for sub-zero temperatures found in cold rooms as well as multi-level garages which experience movement due to the traffic movement.


Clint Zuidewind, Veda Concrete


“There’s nothing like reliability in our industry, and it’s essential to utilise companies who show up ready to perform, which is why we are always pleased to work with

Evolutionary Flooring

concepts their skilled team is perfectly equipped to handle all our

floor polishing

requirements, in a manner which is efficient and looks great. Well Done on the great work thus far, and we look forward to continued business together.”